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Twist & Detox Workshop

Jan 28, 2018 2:00 PM

This will be a two-hour yoga detox workshop. 

First, you’ll join Reika for an all-level yoga practice to detoxify your body and energize your system for the New Year! This yoga class will focus on twists, abdominal work, back bends, and breath work.  Your metabolism will be activated as you are guided through a series of carefully selected yoga poses designed to stimulate and detox your digestive system and improve your circulation. Toxins will be flushed from the lymph system, thus helping to remove impurities from your body and then reboot it. You will be restored physically and emotionally. After the yoga session, you will feel an overall sense of heightened well-being.

Josephine will lead a discussion on detox nutrition after the yoga practice. This portion of the workshop will explain in detail what detox actually entails, and how it improves your health by optimizing your strongest detox machine, your body! Josephine will explain which specific foods to add and/or eliminate from your diet. This advice follows a holistic eating approach to promote your body’s own natural cleansing processes. 

Healthy detoxifying snacks, drinks and recipes will be provided.

Ran (Josephine) Abe, MS, RD
Josephine works as an outpatient dietitian at Kaiser Permanente where she conducts classes on diabetes, heart health, prediabetes, and weight management. She also works with people on a one-on-one basis for a more comprehensive, individualized nutrition therapy.

Reika Shucart is a full time-yoga teacher in Long Beach. She teaches mindful flow - a safe space where one's mind, body and breath can connect. She has
attended lengthy meditation retreats which helped her develop a strong daily meditation practice.